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Prospective Student-Athletes


Young Harris College is currently in the process of applying for NCAA Division II membership. As an applicant, YHC's Department of Athletics is committed to following the NCAA's rules and regulations. Some things prospective student-athletes and parents need to know:

In accordance with bylaw 13.02.11, the NCAA's definition of a prospective student-athlete is anyone who has started classes for the ninth grade, or above, as well as students who have officially withdrawn from a four year institution and plan to transfer to another institution. In addition, a student who has not started classes for the ninth grade becomes a prospective student-athlete if the institution provides such an individual (or the individual's relatives or friends) any financial assistance or other benefits that the institution does not provide to prospective students generally. An individual remains a prospective student-athlete until one of the following occurs (whichever is earlier):

(a) The individual officially registers and enrolls in a minimum full-time program of studies and attends classes in any term of a four-year collegiate institution's regular academic year; or

(b) The individual participates in a regular squad practice or competition at a four-year collegiate institution that occurs before the beginning of any term; or

(c) The individual officially registers and enrolls and attends classes during the summer prior to initial enrollment and receives institutional athletics aid.

Provided below are links to various websites which can help you with the admissions process as well as answer questions concerning NCAA academic standards. The link to the Guide for College Bound Student-Athlete contains information regarding NCAA academic eligibility, core courses, SAT/ACT test, Initial Eligibility Center (Clearinghouse) to name just a few. This can be a very helpful tool and we encourage you to read the guide.

Remember that it is extremely important for you to continue giving all your effort to your academics as you conclude your high school attendance. In order to practice or compete during your freshmen year at college, you must meet provisions of NCAA Bylaw 14.3, which includes:

Graduating from high school
Achieving a minimum cumulative grade point average in the 16 core courses
Achieving a corresponding minimum combined score on the SAT, or a minimum sum total on the ACT

Young Harris College Links:
YHC Admissions Office
YHC Financial Aid Office

NCAA Eligibility and Information Links:

College Board
NCAA Eligibility Center
NCAA Banned Substance List

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